Dealer Capital Group provides franchise and independent car dealerships income development programs and products that bring increased value and revenue to both fixed and variable operations of the dealership. Vehicle Service Contract, Car Dealer Reinsurance Programs, Warranty sales, Dealership Income Development, Dealer Capital Group, GAP, Tire and Wheel, Dent, Identity Theft, Lifetime Powertrain

Recent Announcement:
Dealer Capital Group has now partnered with Allstate Dealer Services

Allstate Dealer Services is an industry leader and the most recognized insurance brand in the country. ADS provides full service range of products from Vehicle Service Contracts to GAP Insurance to a full suite of ancillary programs. Along with products, ADS has one of the most competitive Dealer Owned Reinsurance progarms available today and also provides best in industry finance, sales and service training. ADS has also leveraged their parent, Allstate Insurance, to allow qualified dealers the unique ability to own and provide a full offereing of Auto, Home, Property and Casualty insurance products inside the dealership.

Welcome to Dealer Capital Group

Dealer Capital Group provides innovative financial, insurance and training products and programs for automobile dealerships throughout the nation.  DCG provides your dealerships with the strength of a major corporation, the financial strength of the world's largest insurance companies, the support and services without the costly overhead.

We specialize in Dealer owned reinsurance programs. It is our firm belief that our dealer clients should participate in all of the  underwriting profits and investment income earned on products sold through their dealership!

At Dealer Capital, we are not just another "warranty provider",  our service account team is the cornerstone of  our business. We are driven to provide top-notch proactive service to our clients dealership and their customers with best of class products and services, and most importantly, partnering with our dealer clients to create a lasting partnership and achieving and surpassing their revenue goals.

Our Approach

We first seek to understand how our clients do business. From the moment a customer arrives at the dealership until they leave in their new vehicle, we study every detail of their sales, F&I and fixed operations processes. Together with our client's management team, we develop a plan based on the principles and standards they have set as an organization and the keys to success we have identified through our long history in the industry. With the full support and commitment of the client principal and dealership management team, we work to implement the plan and help our client dealers achieve superior results in their dealerships and as entrepreneurs.

Our commitment focuses upon creating increased value in each of the respective F&I, Sales, and Fixed Operation departments. Through ever-changing markets and economic cycles, we have a proven record of successfully adapting an integrated program mix of mentoring, education, recruiting and products to provide our clients with the resources to thrive as industry leaders.